Our expertise, linked with 2 decades of experience in the worlds of business and entertainment, allows us to provide a wide range of services in Music, Dance, all things Video, and Fashion.

Without further ado, you can make your choice :


Music videos for Rap / Pop / RnB / Electro / World music songs

Live Reports

Lifestyle videos, fashion videos, advertisements

Concert and live show filming

Choreography, fashion styling and graphic design available

Dynamic and artistically sensible video editing

Corporate videos, and technical product showcase videos

Private events



Consultant on projects including dance and the art of movement :

-Branding for dancers

-Organizing events

-Dancer safety

-Injury management

-Dance Marketing

-Viral content

-Image rights

Casting director

Dance show production

Hosting Dance events


Event specific music production,

Royalty free Dance tailored music production, suitable for LiveStreams.


Instrumental production:

Rap, Pop, Funk, Expérimental

Film scoring for short films and feature length films

Exclusive music production for advertising agencies and brands

Rap showcases and concerts: French and English speaking crowds.

Stage Design and Set Design.

Ghostwriting service.

Song translations.



Music for fashion shows

Clothing creation and production

Graphic Design

Fashion videos

Vintage clothing expert and sources



Corporate videos.​

Shows for corporate entities.

All In One cultural and entertainment solutions (Music, Videos, Live experience, Photos, Clothing)


Professional translation of all your contracts and documents, from English to French and from French to English.

Expert knowledge of American and French markets in wide areas of business.

Advertising production

Design and Packaging

Website Creation


Speaker for Breaking in media, artistic and social matters.


Movement, body language and dance classes tailored to the music industry.


Breaking classes for studios, organisations, and businesses in France and throughout the world

Private Bboy coaching

Breaking competition judge

TopRock and Rocking competition judge

Expertise in NewYork HipHop history and in Bboy history

Access to pioneers of the culture in the USA and in France.


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