"luXe transcends representing Hiphop. He embodies the very essence of it."

Alien Ness, President of the Zulu Kings. HipHop Pioneer from the Bronx

"Our Brotha luXe was true to the Game since day UNO. Streetwise, Hustle, and Skills. Brotha went straight to all the Sources, and legitimized his name from HOOD to HOOD, before he started making moves. God blessed him with Rhythm, and Soul, and he used it to make a respected name/brand in our field of Hiphop. That being said. I put my name on it! Trust his Brand. By supporting luXe, you are supporting a Real Hiphop representative. Strictly for the culture. Bless always familia"

Mr Wiggles, Rock Steady Crew, Electric Boogaloos, Zulu Kings. Hiphop Pioneer from the Bronx


luXe as a child

Floor Phantom and luXe in Hartford, Connecticut,



luXe at La Défense (Paris) in a street battle alongside his crew 95zoo


luXe and Bessy Bess, in 

Bushwick, Brooklyn USA

luXe in the Bronx




luXe in front of the Big L memorial on lenoX ave.

a neighborhood he lived 

in a lot, and rapped in 


luXe Breaking at a Park Jam


WestSide Harlem

Accor Hotels Arena Bercy, Paris 2016


luXe concert in Slovakia

for The Legits Blast Outbreak Europe festival


luXe on stage wearing

his Zulu Kings patches

Street Marketing for the release of the "leXington" rap project 

Born in 1987 in the North Paris borough of 93, the last child of a family of Freedom Fighters who were against the extremist regime in Iran, a former political refugee of Iranian and Russian origin,

luXe began his story with Graffiti around the age of 10.

At the age of 14, under the nickname Nasty Yass, he became passionate about Breaking, and applied the lessons he learned from Graffiti to dance. luXe meets Bessy Bess in a dance event and they decide to enter the battle together, becoming friends in the process. As they grew closer they founded 95 Zoo with their team of friends, all dancers based in the same North Paris borough of 95. Making his rounds with 95 Zoo and sometimes alone in the most competitive battles in France and around the world, he was quickly noticed by heavyweights and pioneers of the culture in the United States, who took him under their wing.

Driven by a desire to be ahead of his generation and attracted by the prospects of a better life, he moved to New York shortly before his 20th birthday, to further develop his style and be an integral part of the birthplace of Hip Hop culture.


He begins his New York journey by Breaking in the streets of the city, supported by legends such as Wayne Blitz and Alien Ness, to make a living. Then, already fascinated by words and their impact: luXe starts a translation company in New York. 

luXe formed a fraternal friendship with Floor Phantom (Bronx, Ready To Rock, Zulu Kings) whom he considers the best Bboy. Floor Phantom has enabled luXe to perfect his learning and develop his knowledge in all artistic fields. Together, they developed new choreographic styles, and were at this point, standing on the front line representing their groups and cementing their reputations, groups of which luXe was now an integral part, by way of hard work and determination.

As luXe is paying his dues and making his mark in breaking with the local heavyweights, old and young, he also learns how to rap in New York, between two break battles, including the prestigious "Juste Debout New York" which he won as a solo artist in 2014, an other defining moment for a young kid from North Paris who has managed to become one of New York's heavy hitters, and also managed to become a prominent member of the Zulu Kings, running through competitions from Miami to Boston via Philadelphia and Los Angeles, to then collaborate and perform on stage with the godfather of the entire culture, Afrika Bambattaa.

luXe then continues to dance in the streets of New York alongside the best from the local scene. Doing that he perfects his Bboy approach in the Original New York style of Breaking, a style that luXe is particularly fond of.


Between the ages of 16 and 29 years old, luXe has accumulated the most prestigious battle track record of his generation, going solo, round for round against any dancer he deemed worthy of admiration, no matter the size of their reputations. This mentality, alongside extensive tutelage from the OGs, brought him both the respect of his peers and a unique level of experience in the game.

luXe had the honor of being called out in a 12 round solo battle by Kmel of the Boogie Brats (known as the Michael Jordan of Bboys) when he came to Paris, for a face-to-face confrontation of the highest quality in a cypher, further solidifying luXe's reputation as a Bboy who sets the standards of his generation.


luXe also benefited from the musical education of DJ Jazzy Jay

(Zulu Kings, Def Jam co-founder)

as well as musical training through his close relationship with Florida Funk band FUSIK

and drummer and friend Felix whom luXed lived with for several months at a time.

luXe gave Breaking classes in New York and was also a judge of prestigious Breaking battles in Harlem and the Bronx, during that time he was was spending hours and hours each day rhyming, and confronting his emerging rap style to the skills of New York rappers in street cyphers, including street legends such as Murda Mook from Harlem, and Fox5 from the Bronx.

He does not set foot in Paris until 2015, 

when he choreographed and performed in the Feu Tour of Parisian rap star Nekfeu from small venues and nightclubs up until legendary big venues such as the Olympia, the Zenith, a very large European festival tour and another defining moment at the Accor Hotels Arena (Bercy) where luXe is honored as a Bboy by Nekfeu in his flagship single "Squa" flooding the concert circuit and big national radio airwaves, the hook simply says: "I'm luXe like Yass". Cementing luXe's reputation as an MC on the rise and most importantly, as a Bboy from the young generation whose cultural impact stretches beyond the limits of the genre.

luXe delivers a 17 track mixtape in 2016, the luXemixtape, downloaded more than 15,000 times in 24 hours, with growing success and critical acclaim (150,000 downloads to date). 


The Feu Tour (choreographed by luXe) has been nominated for the Victoires De La Musique Award show, in the best live show category, marking a welcomed moment of recognition and rare awareness for true Bboy style choreography in the modern era.

luXe has performed his songs on stage with Bessy Bess, Prince Waly, Ron Brice and Jazzy Bazz, amongst others, during concerts and radio freestyles on major radio shows like Skyrock's Planete Rap and Zenith venues, at festivals all over Europe (including Outbreak Europe, the biggest Bboy festival of the world now, where luXe and his group 95Zoo shared the stage with Masta Ace and Pharoahe Monch)

As a rapper, he has received the support of MOBB DEEP since his first mixtape, the members of the legendary duo did not hesitate to drop vocals on a luXe song using their instrumental ("Eye for an eye"; a song luXe then called "MAC 10") giving luXe a co-sign, and most importantly respect from and for his elders and their contributions, a principle he remained attached to all his life.

He has been noted for his violent and precise phrasing, his powerful writing, his sense of style, and his ability to transcend trends.


Applauded by the greatest, armed with a rare story and a complete understanding of Hip Hop culture, luXe is determined to stamp the culture with his creative abilities in French and international Rap after Breaking.

Having studied the game's entire history, luXe is now a complete MC.  


As a relentless 360-degree artist, luXe tackles all directions with one eye. He has also been a business owner in New York, a teacher, student, delivery man in Miami, Street performer at Trocadero place in Paris, along with other activities.


luXe produces his own line of clothing: luXe Collection (Shop here), makes his own instrumentals and his own image and video visuals.

luXe's dancing has been seen several times on Netflix and in movies (like Sample This, released in theaters in 2013), and has been written about in prestigious cultural outlets, including Rolling Stone Magazine, where he was interviewed. He is proud to have been able to create and choreograph alongside the greatest dancers of all backgrounds, such as Ken Swift in New York and Bruce Ykanji in Paris.

He is preparing to release the 95Zoo rap project (with Bessy Bess) and his upcoming solo projects, while making his creative services and project management skills available in various environments.

He released his Street Album "leXington", in September 2018. A concentrate of powerful rap, carried by the singles "Fascinant", "Minimum", "Corrosif" and finally "Commanditaire", the latter video traces back his busy international career.

Contact luXe at : luXebulletproof@gmail.com

Thank you.

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